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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Now you see it....

Today we introduce the blog of Marion Merrick, a British lady who has been living in Budapest for 27 years. As she writes about herself and about her blog called NOW YOU SEE IT...

"27 years after coming to Communist Budapest 'for a year or two', I'm still here. My two books 'Now You See It, Now You Don't' (Hungary 1982-1989) and 'House of Cards' (1989-1996) have just been printed in one volume, and are available from the places listed above."

A short introduction to one of her posts:


Budapest’s public transport company (BKV) certainly attracts its fair share of criticism. I would venture to say that the majority of this comes from the indigenous population rather than from visitors or foreigners living in the city, though tourists who have run foul of ticket inspectors for whatever reason, have their own stories to tell.

(to read more visit the NOW YOU SEE IT.... blog by Marion Merrick)

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