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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Budapest bits

Today we feature a blog that is written by a Serbian and a Bulgarian expat who are living in Budapest.

They introduce themselves as the following:

"We are two people from the Balkans living an expat life in Budapest. We write about travels, our beautiful city, raising multi-lingual children and anything else we care about. Drop us a comment or email us at wrong_response AT"

This is really a high quality content blog written with excellent English from a point of view of the people of Balkan. That's what makes the blog really exciting. Living in the (almost) neighbor country its always special because the neighbor is never exotic but rather competitive and to settle down there is sign of respect and interest which I find very nice.

Just to give an impression of the blog here is a screenshot with one of the Budapest related posts of the authors:


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  1. This is most wonderful. Thank you.