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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julianna Nagy's blog

Introducing Julianna Nagy's blog

Final project begins...

I finally began the research today. Surprisingly many facts have been forgotten, details changed and dates confused but the essence is still there….It doesn’t say anything about what I want this project to be but…

My father is on the left. In the army a year before he decided to leave Hungary.

In central Budapest working as a truck driver which would later become a key job for him in Italy

A forged Hungarian car registration for a Fiat he drove in Latina

Italian passport 1973

Me on the right with my sister and brother in 1987 visiting the refugee camp he stayed in outside Trieste.

This project has been difficult for me from the start. It took me a week of hell to even begin this research. I decided I will do the journey on my own and so I needed to learn the details. But it is not about the facts. It’s how do you photograph a story that has been a giant weight on your shoulders your entire childhood? That has been the explanation for insanity? The measurement against which all other challenges have been placed? This FINAL project is actually about the present and time is running out.

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