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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Prague or Budapest


I have seen a report on the TV the other day about Prague and Budapest tourism. The conclusion of the (Hungarian) report was that Prague is more successful in this field and Budapest faces serious challenges to convenience more tourist to visit.

Looking at the numbers in fact its true. There are much more tourists in Prague than in Budapest. But on the other hand its a real question to me if the aim is to make the downtown to be an endless line of tourists seeing only some navigation umbrellas held up in the mass?

In fact the tourists in Prague have occupied the downtown. As someone said in the report...if you want to see something have to leave Prague.

The report referred to the disgusting habit of Hungarian restaurants in the downtown cheating tourists by giving an enormous bill after the meal. At the public transportation ticketing kiosks the staff dont speak English and the controllers act with a bad manner on board of the vehicles.

This is unfortunately true. The Public Transportation company is a mess, and not user friendly at all, though the network is quite good in the downtown. And some restaurants are sucks. I just dont understand why they still can be open...since everyone know exactly which places are like this. Its a shameful and annoying thing in my city.

They also mentioned that Budapest is still selling its past...we do not have a TODAY. I agree with this but I think Prague also sells its past. Prague has a middle ages atmosphere and Budapest is like the XIXth Century.

I think the point is that in both cities the mainstream tourism is the conservative one. There is a tour guide with an umbrella or/and with a speaker and you can listen to the bored standard speech following him/her like sheeps. If thats what we call tourism then I dont mind that Budapest is still not as full as Prague.

What I really miss from my city is the funny/creative ideas. Events, modern architectures (I dont mean skyscrapers but good, new ideas), artworks, events and events and events. We do not have to live in the XIXth Century...we can fullfill these wonderful ancient stones with a new life.

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